• Diane Munkirs

    on March 24, 2012

    My husband and I are in our early 70s and so much enjoyed seeing your "jewels" What fun...wish I could afford one..

  • Jeff

    on January 31, 2012

    Looking good!!!!

  • Ed

    on September 23, 2011

    You guys lead the life that the rest of us dream of!

  • Greg

    on September 4, 2011

    Love the site and all of the beautiful pictures.

  • Aaron

    on July 5, 2011

    Really like your site, it's really great! Come check us out!

  • Jim Yeatrakas

    on February 24, 2011

    It is great that you have collected and lovingly restored these beautiful automobiles. It brought back many memories of my high school days, especially the impala. Doug Krathwal had a 71 and kept it immaculate. Thanks for the memproes!

  • Jeff and Sherry

    on December 14, 2010

    Sorry we didn't identify ourselves,byt here it is: Jeff and Sherry

  • Guest

    on December 14, 2010

    I really enjoyed going thru your gallery,you make me awfully jealous,I'm just a point and shoot kind of a guy.We love capturing sunsets,while strolling along a California beach,that might sound strange,but,we really like doing it.

  • PRS Guitars

    on October 26, 2010

    Thanks for your support!

  • Rich and Pat

    on September 16, 2010

    Want to Thank you each again for all the time that you spend sharing the wonderful pictures. You are able to bring out the best in each car. I know you want to sell the Packard, but it could not have a better home then you both.
    May God Bless you both. Thank you.